our campus

Nestled in the vibrant city of Istanbul, our Cordoba International Schools campus is a hub of academic excellence and holistic development. Spread across a sprawling expanse, our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide a stimulating and conducive learning environment for students of all ages.

Modern Infrastructure: Our campus boasts modern infrastructure, including well-equipped classrooms, cutting-edge laboratories, and specialized learning spaces that cater to various academic disciplines.

Recreational Spaces: In addition to academic facilities, we provide ample recreational spaces, including sports fields, indoor sports facilities, and creative spaces, encouraging students to explore their interests beyond the classroom.

Technology Integration: We prioritize the integration of technology into the learning experience, with smart classrooms and digital resources that enhance the educational journey and prepare students for the digital demands of the modern world.

Cultural Hubs: Reflecting our commitment to fostering cultural understanding, our campus features cultural hubs and spaces that celebrate diversity, encouraging students to embrace different traditions, languages, and perspectives.

Safety and Security: The safety and security of our students are paramount. Our campus is equipped with the latest security measures and protocols to ensure a secure and conducive learning environment for all.

Green Spaces: Embracing sustainability and environmental consciousness, our campus incorporates lush green spaces and gardens, providing students with a serene and eco-friendly atmosphere that promotes overall well-being.